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Whether it was a bad experience as a child or some other issue, people who avoid dental treatment due to excessive fear and anxiety don't get the care they want and need. Their dental problems continue to get worse causing them even more worry and embarrassment. The team at Dental Care of Bridgewater is highly trained in sedation dentistry and oral sedation and invites you to a free consultation to learn more.

Young children are also wonderful candidates for sedation dentistry. Often they are too young to tolerate needed treatment and it is critical that their dental experience be a positive one. Since they are asleep, it is much easier to deliver quality care than it may be when they are awake and possibly uncooperative. It is a safe and economical alternative to hospital or surgical center based sedation. Our wonderful staff will calm your fears and answer any questions that you may have. Below are some common sedation questions.

We offer two forms of sedation. Laughing gas (nitrous oxide) offers a low level of sedation and works great for some patients on minor procedures. Oral medications such as valium or triazolam offer deeper levels of sedation with the benefit of some amnesia (little or no recollection of the procedure).

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