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We Love Seeing Children
Dental Care of Bridgewater is home to some of the most patient, experienced and caring dentists in New Jersey. Our commitment is to blend learning and fun into every dental visit so your children will look forward to coming here. We will help get them off to the best possible start to good dental health that will lead to a lifetime of good care. We know that some children are apprehensive in new environments so we will work with your child at a pace that suits them best to become comfortable here.

It's Important for Dental Visits to Be Fun!
The atmosphere at our office in Bridgewater, New Jersey encourages exploration and fun leads to positive associations and helps a child establish trust and confidence that will last a lifetime. There is something of interest everywhere you look. Big screen TVs in every room, arcade quality games and movies make dental visits a treat. We use a miniature TV camera so you and your children can see inside their own mouth. We have dental toys and video educational programs. Positive reinforcement with recognition and contests where everyone gets prizes makes children feel special and want to do better with their snacking and home care.

When Should My Child Starting Going to the Dentist?
The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that children begin regular dental visits around their first birthday. Establishing good habits is much easier when you start early. We can help parents with infant oral health care, proper fluoride, good nutrition, how to decrease teething discomfort and prevention of dental decay. Problems can be detected, treated early, or avoided all together.

How Often Should My Child Come for Dental Checkups?
Regular checkups every six months helps your child reduce cavities by emphasizing preventive measures, reinforcing home care, applying professional fluoride or sealants as needed and suggesting dietary modifications. Professional cleaning removes plaque that builds up and leads to gum infections and decay. Preventing problems and catching them while they are still small is the key to long-term dental health. Orthodontic Specialist on Staff: Consultations with the orthodontist are readily available. Early interceptive orthodontic treatment can help minimize problems down the road.

Four Steps to Help Your Children Have Great Dental Health:

  • Keep dental checkups consistent and regular... every 6 months
  • Minimize the frequency of sugar contacts throughout the day
  • Use professionally recommended fluoride supplements as your children grow from infancy to adolescence.
  • Daily home care with brushing and flossing
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