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Sedation Instructions
Sedation dentistry at Dental Care of Bridgewater in New Jersey is a great way for patients to have the dental work they want and need, even if they are especially anxious of having dental work performed. Sedation Dentistry allows the patient to relax safely through the procedure and have very little memory after. The procedures are very safe and we monitor your heart and blood pressure throughout the procedures.

In order to get a good result, you must follow these directions completely.

You will need to be accompanied to and from the office by a responsible adult who will be able to help you walk and assist you in and out of your home, the office and your automobile. They do not have to remain in the office for the whole procedure. They can go and run some errands and call in around the time we are expected to finish so they will be back in time to pick you up. In addition, they will need to stay with you for several hours at home because even though you will leave the office awake and alert, you will still be sedated and will need assistance to move about. If you were left alone, you could fall and injure yourself. It is imperative that you do not take any additional medications or drugs, prescription or otherwise, because there could be a serious reaction between your drugs and the medicines we give you.

Additional directions to insure a good result. You will feel fine after the appointment, but for your well being we require that you follow these specific directions:

  • No sedatives of any kind, including alcohol, 24 hours before or after the appointment.
  • No stimulants, including caffeine and nicotine, 24 hours before or after the appointment.
  • No chance of being pregnant. No nursing a baby for 24 hours after the appointment.
  • No driving a car or operating hazardous devices for 24 hours after the appointment.
  • No walking stairs, exercising, or heavy lifting for 24 hours after the appointment.
  • No important decisions (work) for 24 hours after the appointment.

Start the night before by having nothing to eat or drink after midnight. In the morning have nothing to eat or drink, take one of the Triazolam pills with a little bit of water one hour before your appointment time. Select clothing that is loose and comfortable for your dental visit. By the time you get to the office you will probably feel a little drowsy. When you get to the office you will take a second pill as we prepare you for your dental care. Additional medication will be provided as needed during the treatment.

After your visit, you will remember very little. Expect to go home and enjoy a good night sleep. If you have any questions or concerns, call the office (203) 324 6171.

Additional unanticipated treatment might be needed during the procedure. Dental problems may show up that were not noticed or diagnosed before, such as a tooth that might be very decayed and need a crown or root canal. We will be very careful to try to prevent this from happening by thorough diagnosis. At the same time, we also try to be conservative and do the least that is needed. If this occurs you will be too sedated for us to ask you what you wanted us to do. We will always respect your desires, so please let us know in advance if you want us to:

1. Stick to the plan regardless of what we find.

2. Make the best decision on you behalf.
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