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Oral Sedation FAQ
With oral sedation you take a pill and relax peacefully through your dental treatment. In most cases you will hardly even remember being at the office. The procedures are very safe and we monitor your heart and blood pressure throughout the procedures.

Below are some of the most common questions our patients ask us at our Bridgewater New Jersey dental office about sedation.
Q. What is the purpose of sedation dentistry?

A. Many people have strong fears associated with dental care that makes it hard for them to get their work done. Other patients need a lot of work and do not want to have to come for many visits. They want to get it done in the fewest visits possible. In either case, being sedated makes the patients unaware of what is going on and they can get through their appointments with ease and comfort.

Q. How does sedation dentistry work?

A. Sedation dentistry works by taking a pill that relaxes you and puts you in a twilight state of consciousness. You alternate between being conscious and drifting off to sleep. And best of all, most people have very little if any memory of the entire dental visit.

Q. What happens before the visit?

A. You have nothing to eat or drink from midnight on the day prior to your visits. If you take routine medicines you MUST discuss this with the doctor at your consultation visit. Different medicines can interact with each other and it is important that we know anything you take. That includes all vitamins, mineral and herbal supplements of any kind and especially nicotine (in tobacco products) and caffeine (in tea or coffee).

You will be brought to the office by your companion who will receive their instructions as well. They do not have to stay at the office for the entire time but they will need to give us a phone number so we can call them to come and pick you up when your work is complete.

Q. What happens after the visit?

A. You will be escorted from the office directly home by your companion who must seat belt you into your car and take you into your home and get you comfortable and settled to sleep and rest for the balance of the day. You cannot be left alone because you will still be sleepy for several hours and might slip and fall if unattended. It is very important that you drink lots of water or fruit juice and when any numbness is gone, soft and easy to digest foods are suggested.

We will review the post operative instructions with your companion before you leave the office.

Q. What about traveling to the office, working, driving my car or caring for my children?

A. The medicines that we use for sedation are designed to make you comfortable and not aware of your environment. As such you cannot drive a car, operate machinery, stand on a ladder, ride a bicycle or any activity that requires fully conscious awareness or judgment until the next day after sedation dentistry.

That includes making important business or personal decisions. You will need to be accompanied to and from the office directly home where you will spend the remainder of the day sleeping and letting the sedation medicines pass out of your system.

Q. Who is a candidate for sedation dentistry?

A. Anyone who wants to have dental work done in a state of comfort and relaxation is a candidate for sedation dentistry. Specific examples are patients who have a hard time getting numb, have a strong gag reflex, patients who have significant fears of dental treatment, have had bad experiences in the past and patients who simply want to get a lot of work done in a long visit without being aware of the time in the dental chair.

Q. What is the process like?

A. The patient refrains from eating or drinking after midnight the day before other than taking any routine medication. (This will be gone over in detail at your consultation visit prior to any sedation.) When you arrive at the office you will be give some medication and escorted to the dental room where you will be seated and made comfortable with a soft blanket and placed on a medical pulse oximeter to monitor your vital signs. When you are at a comfortable state, we will take care of your dental needs. When the dental work is competed you will be aroused and dismissed from the office.

Q. Any final thoughts?

A. Most of our patients response, after their visits when they return to the office for follow up care say something like, "That was so amazing. If I knew it would be so easy, I would have done it years ago." All of your work can be done with sedation, which is up to you. But many of our patients feel so much better after the longer visits are completed that they feel great about having easier and shorter visits completed without sedation. That is of course entirely up to you.
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