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What to do if a temporary crown falls off:

This is important for two reasons. First the tooth could get contaminated by germs and plaques and get sensitive or develop more decay. And even more important, the temporary crown is designed to hold the tooth in its proper place.

If the temporary crown comes off for more than a few hours, the tooth can shift so that the new crown made by the dentist might not fit properly. That would be very bad and might require a whole new crown to be made so if your crown comes off you must get it back on immediately. The best thing to do is to go back to the dentist to get it re-cemented so bring the old temporary crown with you.

In the meantime, put it back in yourself. If it stays, then chew on the other side and get into the dentist as soon as you can. If it is loose, you can use some denture adhesive cream to hold it in. This is a product that can be found in drug stores and is used by people with false teeth. It is sticky so it will hold the temporary crown, but it does not set and become hard so it is easy to use and cannot be messed up. Just put a little of the denture adhesive cream in the temporary crown and place it back on the tooth and gently bite down to be sure that it is in proper position.

But remember, it is important to make an appointment at Dental Care Bridgewater to have the crown re-cemented as soon as possible.
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